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Empowering Student Athletes Is What We Do!


Since 2006 EM has helped over 50,000 athletes become faster, stronger and more explosive. Whether you’re a student-athlete striving to enhance your performance or preparing for collegiate sports, our dedicated team is committed to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

What Our Former Athletes Have To Say

The scouts were saying I had skills, but my speed was lacking. I went to EM my Junior year of high school, and by my senior year, they were saying that I was much faster. I am convinced that EM helped me get some of the opportunities that got me to Pro football.
Vincent V.J. Brown
San Diego Chargers
I have been with EM since I was a young buck. My success has always been their first priority, they are like family and will be there with you pushing hard to accomplish your dreams.
Vincent Velasquez
Houston Astros
I have been training at EM for over 6 years and make it part of my pre-Olympic training regimen. I am now training at EM in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.
Peter Lopez
2008, 2012 Olympics
Let’s just say last two years that I have been with EM since I started I’ve been player of the year twice and I have transformed my body! EM has done anything and everything I have asked for and more. I get to do everything at EM and it’s described to me in 3 words Powerful, Personal and Professional. Best training I have had and I will continue to work with for as long as I play.
Christian Colon
Kansas City Royals


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

This varies by athlete, but youth athletes have started as young as 7 years old, although 10 years old is a great starting age at EM. It’s best to do an evaluation to see what is individually appropriate for each athlete.  One great reason to start training early is that older athletes usually revert to habits learned at a young age during pressure or stressful situations.  If you learn good mechanics at a young age, you just build strength and maturity on a good foundation.

All EM Trainers have degrees relating to the sports performance training field such as kinesiology or the equivalent. In addition to a college degree, trainers hold more certifications from respected agencies such as the National Association of Sports Medicine. Click here to see details.

Yes. All EM facilities have some of the most renowned individual skill training instructors for Baseball, Softball and other sports.

Yes. We can accommodate almost any team from 10 to 110 at our locations or at your site with our mobile training.

Yes. EM’s mobile training units have been supplying the finest ‘on-site’ training for over 10 years.

Yes. One-on-one training is a great way to get a very individualized workout with the trainer of your choice.

Comfortable workout clothes with training shoes (no cleats unless specified by your trainer or class). Ideally a comfortable tee shirt, shorts and training shoes.

Of course. Our weightlifting classes and training are the most sports specific and specialized of any program of it’s kind. EM lifting sessions are tailored by sport, position and time of year (in season/out of season).

EM Speed has been in business since 2006.

Explosive Methods, after the type of training we do – ask a trainer for the story…

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