The leader in explosive training since 2003

EM has helped more than 40,000 athletes get faster, stronger and more explosive in all sports. Start getting faster and more explosive today.

The EM Method Improves Every Athlete

EM assesses the Total Athlete, testing Athletic, Sensory, Vision, Reaction and Sports Specific performance skills, giving each athlete an individual plan to success.

EM Innovation

EM is the first to provide ‘expert instructed’ innovations like Vision, Sensory, Reaction Training, Physical Therapy, Tutoring and more. Your training includes the ‘old school traditions’ that have stood the test of time, and ‘new school innovations’ that have shown proven results – to net you the biggest gains as an athlete.

Maximum Effort Gets Maximum Results

EM Trainers have been trained to get and expect the very best each athlete has to give, every workout. That’s why over 40,000 athletes trust their training to EM.

EM Coaching Experience

The finest coaching staffs are hand picked at all EM locations to give you the best individual improvements in the shortest amount of time.

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