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EM Athlete and Olympic Athlete Peter Lopez competing at the Olympics in Korea. Peter has been an EM Athlete for going on 8 years.

There is no stopping a Martial Arts athlete that is quick, explosive and has great endurance (scares me to think about). If you can imagine striking more powerfully, kicking with more snap, and keeping your striking and kick count up throughout the entire match without gassing out. In addition, you gain increased agility and focus to defend better.

EM Trainers are former Collegiate or Professional Athletes with a background in kinesiology and certification from a National Governing Sports Performance Body.

Professional EM Athletes say…

EM Athlete - Peter Lopez

I have been training at EM for over 8 years and make it part of my pre-olympic and pre-championship training regimen. I am now training at EM in preparation for upcoming World Championships.

Peter Lopez2008 Bejing Olympics

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