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EM Athlete - Sue Enquist

The Jaeger Throwing Program will provide the proper bio – mechanical foundation needed to develop and sustain your throwing motion. A healthy arm, that maintains stamina, is one of the most valued traits when college coaches are evaluating prospects.  Invest in your arm, you’ve earned it.

Sue Enquist27 Year UCLA Softball 5 time National Champ

EM Athlete - Clayton Kershaw

The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have been using the J-Band for the past three seasons, and have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going in to the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season.

Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers 3 Year Cy Young Award and MVP

EM Athlete - Mike Candrea

We have been using the Jaeger Sports program religiously and see good results!  No gimmicks….. just healthy arms that are getting stronger!!

Mike CandreaUniversity of Arizona 8-Time National Champ

Arm Strength and Injury Prevention Program by Jaeger Sports

The Jaeger Sports J-Bands: A mandatory tool for any baseball or softball player who wants their arm to be a strength, rather than a liability.This rotator cuff exercise program is the key to preventing arm injuries while promoting arm health, strength, endurance and recovery period. Just as sprinters would never consider running a race without thoroughly stretching out their hamstrings baseball/softball players should never consider picking up a baseball/softball without doing their surgical tubing bands.

As a baseball or softball player YOUR ARM IS YOUR LIFE LINE… don’t take it for granted.

The J-Bands allow you to perform 10 basic exercises to strengthen and protect the rotator cuff muscle group. These exercises are demonstrated in detail in our video (Thrive on Throwing) by Mike Lieberthal (Phillies) and John Snyder (Padres).




Standard J-Bands — 13 years and older
Junior J-Bands — 12 years and under

Need to set-up a clinic?

Jaeger Clinics are available anywhere in the USA!  Jaeger Softball and Baseball Arm Care Clinics are the ultimate in pre/post-game, pre/post-practice warm up, strengthening, injury prevention and arm care routines.  Our clinics also focus on throwing mechanics and, depending on the clinic, mental training and strength and conditioning.  Just email us at ed@emspeedtraining.com or call 909-483-9000!




Jaeger Bands are included in each clinic but you can buy an extra set if you need them by clicking on the image.  Jaeger flyer tim dixon

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