EM is proud to announce the return of ‘G-Force’ our advanced speed, strength and agility program for elite athletes. This program is not for the weak at heart, it is a more advanced version of EM Classes, personal training and advanced programming to push you farther than you’ve gone before. You have to be recommended into this program through one of our trainers – but once you are in, you are in.

The G-Force Difference:  G-Force classes are legendary in their intensity and programming, designed with the elite player in mind – G-Force will test your mental toughness and reason for existence.  Once you make it through each G-Force workout, the next one will test you even more – begging for your Mama won’t get you better, Our G-Force trainers will.

Once recommended by an EM Trainer, G-Force classes will be scheduled with the elite athlete’s schedule in mind.  You will be given your schedule once you have been recommended to the program.


To apply for acceptance to G-Force, email or call Alyssa at 909-483-9000.

Testing for G-Force is conducted weekly on request .. call 909-483-9000







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