Method Schools + EM Speed And Power Training

Elite Training Paired With Elite Education

EM Speed And Power Training

Method + EM student athletes are built different

We place equal importance on education and athletic development.
EM Speed & Power provides the latest proven and effective performance-based speed, strength and agility training to individual student athletes.
-Tuition Free!
-Grades K-12 with athletic focus grades 6-12
-UC & NCAA Approved


-WASC Accredited
-Teachers that specialize in working with student athletes
-Online mobile friendly courses paired with in person athletic training

College Field Trips

Student athletes will have the opportunity to visit multiple division I universities each semester. Students will tour the campus, sports facilities, and meet players and coaches. Students will also have a chance to meet with athletic counselors to learn more about college academic programs, NCAA eligibility requirements, and choosing a major that best suits their future.
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Academic Scholarships.

Student athletes at Method are eligible to receive academic scholarships based on academic performance. Academic scholarships awarded by Method will go towards private training programs, sports camps, and other athletic opportunities.
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Enrichment Funds .

Part of a well-rounded learning experience is having access to resources that allow students to take their athletic development to the next level. Ask us more about enrichment funds.
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Individual Attention .

Students who get individual attention and individual instruction are much more likely to succeed. At Method, our teachers are former collegiate athletes and are best suited to teach, support, and inspire your student-athlete to be the very best they can be.
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Flexible Pacing .

We’ve worked with many elite athletes so we know how grinding and time demanding the schedule can be. Students at Method are able to easily pursue all opportunities that come their way, without being held down by time constraints of physical school attendance.
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Summer School .

Method Summer (grades 9-12) allows student-athletes to catch up on credits, improve overall GPA, or work ahead over the summer. Method is the only option in California that features fully accredited WASC, UC a-g, NCAA approved online courses. Method also provides Summer School for K-8 students. Online summer school allows your students to stay engaged academically while still enjoying their summer.
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