RMT 4 Club Set (2,4,6 and 8lb)

RMT 4 Club Set (2,4,6 and 8lb)


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Product Description

Set of 4 RMT Clubs 2,4 6 and 8lb


  • Improves functional strength and rotational power
  • Improves mobility, coordination, and balance
  • Enhances athleticism and movement efficiency
  • Unifies and integrates dominant and non-dominant sides


  • Durable, flexible club head to absorb high impact strikes
  • Strong handle to withstand high intensity swings in multiple directions
  • Internal shifting weight for dynamic resistance, audible feedback
  • Multiple weight options: 2lbs, 4lbs, 6lbs, 8lbs (If you are new to using the club we recommend starting with the 4lb RMT Club and increasing weight after you have mastered the movements.)
  • Approximately 21″ high and 6″ diameter

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