Take your training with you wherever you go, the EM App is now available for your Phone, Tablet or your Computer!  Now you can take advantage of the same workouts Professional Athletes in all sports use to gain a competitive advantage and prepare themselves for the high level of competition and the rigors of a long season.  Over the past 10 years, EM has helped over 40,000 athletes at all levels, get faster, stronger and more explosive.  GET THE POWER OF EM ON YOUR PHONE!

Your EM App consists of programs that have been PROVEN and have stood the test of time enabling athletes to maximize their personal athletic potential, resist common injuries in their sport and shore up imbalances that could cause potential injuries.  Your EM App is available in several levels based on your needs ..

‘The EM App makes it so easy to take my workouts on the road, and keep me motivated’ – Ashley Carter, College Softball Coach

‘Having my EM workouts on my iPhone make it simple to take wherever I go’ – Matt Andriese, Pro Baseball Player


Level One – delivers your proven ‘sports specific’ and ‘season specific’ EM lifting program that gets you the power and strength you need to recruit explosiveness into your sports specific movements (hitting, sprinting, change-of-direction, jumping, etc.).  This program translates into the proportionate size, flexibility and mobility needed to maximize your particular sports and position specific movements (throwing, shooting, catching, pitching).  Throw harder, jump higher, move quicker and more explosively with EM’s Level One App.

Pro Level – is a completely individualized sports specific workout based on your evaluations and goal setting criteria.

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