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Using FlightScope, we measure Exit Speed, Carry Distance, Launch Angle, Batted Ball Direction, Hit Spin, Zone Performance, Location Trends, Spray Chart, Ball Flight Trajectory to get your baseline and track your progress!

EM is proud to announce that we have partnered with one of the great hitters, 14 year MLB scout and baseball executives, Chris Gwynn. Together we have developed a new and complete dynamic hitting program for baseball and softball athletes by using individual power programming based from strength and performance testing, hitting performance, measurables, pitch recognition performance, video analysis and other metrics.  This program is unmatched in detail, customization and results in power that is transfered directly to hitting performance.  Your program evaluates, prescribes, sets goals and monitors your performance every time you come in through measurables that transfer directly to your hitting style, power, quickness and athleticism with EM team members that are experts in each discipline. Through the watchful eye of Chris Gwynn, your power, time in the hitting zone, explosiveness and attack to the ball will be maximized and you will learn principles few hitters have mastered.

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COMPARE YOUR SWING TO REAL-TIME NATIONAL DATABASES Benchmark your swing on 11 metrics within Speed, Power, Quickness & Control Compare to a National Data Base of players from 10U to Professionals. Each database includes the national Average and Top 20% for each metric!

The Chris Gwynn difference:  It seems like everything today is based on numbers, statistics, metrics and measurables.. and although we dedicate time to your numbers, the bottom line is CAN YOU HIT?  Without the sound advice and mentoring of Chris Gwynn, this program would not get the results.  There is no doubt that numbers without analysis and eye to eye guidance from an expert would give marginal results, but to have Chris Gwynn on your side is an entirely different game altogether.  Few of us have the chance to learn from someone with the experience of Chris Gwynn and this program gives you an opportunity to make the most out of every teaching moment to improve your knowledge and performance in the skill of hitting.

HITTING PROGRAM GROUP TIMES (Pro style hitting performance group):

13 and Younger – Monday / Thursday 5PM Hit / 5:40PM Power

14 and Older – Monday / Thursday 6PM Hit / 6:40PM Power

Players participating in hitting group must have completed metrics, performance and PT evaluation to establish hitting performance baselines so we may customize your hitting and power performance programs. Call to set up evaluation time 888-890-0008.

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